New Year from Maynard Fisher

We remember at the end of each year more specifically what we experienced in that year and then beyond that, we remember more vaguely how we felt over a few years. And for many of us, the last few years have been challenging in many ways. 


We experienced examples of diminishing freedoms and examples of how it can be reduced or eliminated very quickly, even if for a relatively short time. We also know that when those things happen, it affects us in very negative ways and have a long term impact on people and our way of life.


Our lives and journeys are getting harder because we allow this to continue. We must stand up and say, “no more”. History tells us that some want control over the rest, and there is too much of that now. 


Our freedom is everything: how we think, what we say, how we live and what we believe in. Without it, we don’t live the lives we were created to live. And this hurts some more than others; some will even have less opportunity to live a great life than others.


2024 will be even more challenging. Free Rein 6M is here solely to be a force for all

Women and Men because we were born with the right to unrestrained and responsible freedom. We cannot let a few determine how we live! 


We will have a Patriot initiative beginning soon to bring women and men together to discuss these things and grow positive influence from the ground up that is of the people, by the people, for the people. We love you and appreciate your participation!

New Year from Maynard Fisher
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