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We are currently traveling the country to interview hunters from every state possible. The purpose of this is to share stories and inspire folks to live in the way that brings them happiness. Experiencing what is real and natural seems hard to find these days and hunting for food could become more and more critical as time moves on due to things that have been happening in America.

We are shooting 50+ interviews and creating other content to help promote this project. If you would like more info on being interviewed or sponsoring this project feel free to contact us.




What is Free Rein 6M?

We are a brand created around the fact that every woman and man is born with the right to freedom. We showcase American culture.

Started during covid when our family all felt similarly about what was happening to our country. We sat down together in the living room trying to think about how we would play our part in bringing this country back to what it should be. That night is when Free Rein 6M was made.

6M is our slogan we thought up that same day. 6 million years ago man stood on 2 feet. This is when we believe true freedom began and we push to protect that freedom.

We encourage you to live your life in a way that brings you happiness. We believe freedom is the nucleus of happiness.