Words from our CEO Maynard Fisher

Free Rein 6M is for all. We do believe our constitution is fundamental and freedom is paramount. We also believe negativity and divisiveness is not benefiting us, except those in power or those that have influence over those in power for their own self interests.

We do not believe in those that pretend to be acting in our best interest. We challenge anyone participating in any group or movement that protects anyone based on race, religion or belief.

If you are a white supremicist or a supporter of antifa or a communist, there is no place for you on this earth.

We believe in god and that all are created equal. We believe freedom is the basis for true happiness and success. Government is necessary but must be limited in order for many to live happy and fulfilled.

Leadership is everything. We continue to support people in leadership roles that do not understand their role in creating a culture of empowerment that is necessary for great life. That must change.
Words from our CEO Maynard Fisher
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